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Senior Full-Stack Developer UNLEASH
更新: 2017-11-07 结束: 2018-02-05
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费用 Negotiable 教育背景 Bachelor 招募人数 1-2people 性别 No limited 目的地 Budapest 语言 English 性质 Full-time全职 福利 Intl' environment,work visa support,Performance bonus
Job Description:

As a senior fullstack developer you’ll be serving as an expert an d leader in the development projects of UNLEASH′s online presence, making sure it looks amazing an d get’s those Oooohs an d Aaaahs from our users. You′ll completely take over the visual building of our event websites an d will be given all the freedom to work with no Or little supervision.

You`ll be focused on scalable an d high-quality solutions.

This position plays a key role in leading the creation, delivery an d maintenance of digital experiences within a fast-moving environment.

You will be the architect of new features, writing reliable HTML, CSS an d javascript that works on all the browsers an d devices that matter.

You′ll see the world from our users’ perspective an d work with the team to design interactions an d features that our users didn’t even know they should be asking for.

On a day-to-day basis you′ll be:

1,Building new website for the largest shows in the world on the future of work an d technology

2,Leading, maintaining an d improving the codebase of the UNLEASH websites

3,Ensuring the technical feasibility of designs

4,Collaborating with other team members an d stakeholders

5,Researching new trends an d solutions an d bringing them to life


We are looking for you if you have:

1,an ambition to lead the development an d creation of the future of work websites!

2,a business acumen an d are keen to explore what our client wants an d create the best possible user journeys for them

3,expert skills in javascript, CSS3, HTML5 development an d SVN (git/bitbucket)

4,fluent English

UNLEASH offers visa sponsorship

UNLEASH will arrange the immigration paperwork required for the winning candidate an d cover the associated costs.

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Insight, inspiration, vision an d innovation are watchwords for an attendee experience an d richness of content that puts UNLEASH ahead of the game. Our attendees enjoy an experience that celebrates people, the age of innovation an d the Future of Work. UNLEASH shows attract the most influential visionaries in the world, including Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Sir Ken Robinson, Rachel Botsman an d Gary Vaynerchuk. More than 55% of our attendees are CEO’s, EVP’s, an d SVP’s of the most exciting brands an d forward-thinking organizations in the world. With a reputation for producing the world’s fastest growing shows on the future of work. the UNLEASH portfolio has shifted the world of work on a global scale. UNLEASH is ranked as the largest Corporate Network focused on the interface between people, technology, organizations an d the future. Show locations include London, Amsterdam. San Francisco, Paris an d Las Vegas. In 2017 we have welcomed over 8500 attendees from more than 120 Countries.

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名称UNLEASH 分类互联网 城市Budapest 团队50-200people
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