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can we modify the CV?


yes,you can modify your cv by yourself.

How to be a job-seeker memeber?


Job-seeker can register on mobile and website(the employer only can register on website),you also can login directly by the account of wechat,weibo or QQ account.

第一步step 1


click job seeker,create an personal account by email

第二步step 2


please complete the basic information of yours in order that the employers will find you easy.

第三步step 3


create a resume

第四步step 4


Apply for the jobs

第五步step 5


wait for the invitation from the employer

Is it free of charge to find a job?


Yes,it is free of charge for the talents to find a job.

why choose us?

To be upfront, oversearecruit won’t work for every employer—and so we don’t invite every employer to work with us until we have confirmed they were legal enterprises with good credit and will post jobs with negtegrity,professionalism and quality. At the moment,all jobs in our website are from the famouse tourist cities. so all jobs are suitable for the people travelling there.

All employers in our website cannot post jobs UNTIL they provide license!

All employers in our website cannot send you any messege before you apply for their jobs . So all job seekers willnot have any disturbe after they create the cv in our website.

Join us and you’ll receive the best offer, support and development opportunities throughout your career and plenty of rewards for your work,especially working holiday arround the world.

How to create CV?
Create CV free of charge after register successfully by email ID 用邮箱注册后,免费发布 您注册成为会员,并完善您的个人资料,就可以发布服务了。发布服务不收取任何费用
Who will use our website?

All jobs in our website are no limited on the working place and time,which will be suitable for travel,main characteristics are Telecommuting-Part time or full time-Freelance-Flextime. If you have plan to travel the world,the main dream is traveling everywhere as a local tourist.So you will have many colleagues,they maybe your guides or give your good suggestions for your travel.The top important you can pay for the tavel with the charge you get from these jobs,then you will make your dream into true:Travel the world free of charge.

We are sure that you need our website,if

1-you are looking for a part-time,flextime jobs

2-you are looking to teecommute some

3-Professionals looking for flexible, flextime, or non-traditional schedules

4-you are a mother and hope to stay with your kids for many times but you have to win some money at home

5-you need a second jobs to rise your income or skills or education level

6-you hope to join an interntional team to get more international idea for your project

7-Anyone else who would appreciated a job for his travel world free of charge

Is it free of charge to post jobs?


Yes,it is free of charge for the employers to post jobs,it is also free of charge if you find a talent successfully in our website by yourself.

2、我们也提供一下增值服务We also provide the value added service as follows

---雇主升级会员等级upgrade the memebership 

---委托我们招聘Commissioned recruitment 

详情请咨询在线客服Please contact the service on line for more information

why choose us?

1、国外国内市场已经融为一个大市场了,企业都在全球经营,需要全球的人才。Domestic market and oversea market are become a whole market now,all employers will operate this global market,so they need international talents

2、国际人才能给企业带来新鲜的血液,新鲜的设计和新鲜的理念International talents will bring more fresh idea and design

3、国际人才更靠近国外目的市场,让老板们的产品更接地气,更容易销售Internaional talents from different countries are near to the destination market,which will help the bosses to sell their products and service easily

How to be an employer memeber?


The employers only can register on the website.




click register in the homepage,then select the enterprise entrance and register it by email,which is registered only by email,and one email only can create one account. Recommend you create the employer accout by the company email and create the job seeker account by personal email.

第二步step 2


click on the button of "register" ,it will be successful and you can go to publish detail informaiton

第三步step 3

完善基本信息,请注意这里你可以发布6张产品信息和公司办公环境图片,将全部在网络上展示,对公司的推广有很大的帮助。希望不要浪费了这里的免费资源。当然,你不发布产品图片和公司环境图片,也可以直接点击post a job去直接发布职位

complete the basic information about the company,especially upload some pictures of your products and envienment,which will be a good shows of your products and your company. please don't waste this free source. Of course,you can click the button of "post a job"directly if you willnot publish the products and company shows.
















For any questions,please no hesitate to contact our on-line service people

How to post information?
1.All employers providing effective license can post jobs free of charge after registered with email ID 注册后,免费发布.您注册成为会员,并完善您的资料,就可以发布服务了。发布服务不收取任何费用 2.Your information will be published in the website after our checking 您发布服务后,我们的客服人员会审核您的服务,如果没有问题,就能出现在oversearecruit.com网络上 3.the rank of your infomation will be depending on your comments and editor 你自己决定您的信息排名,你详细的内容编辑,你的评论,资料完善程度。 4.Multi-channel promotion by wechat,blog and facebook after one time post 一次发布,多渠道推广.您在网站发布后,我们会将您的信息(公开信息)自动在微博、微信、论坛自动发布,进一步提高您的展示量,增加您的曝光量,提升你的订单量。
Can we apply for a same job many times?


No,you can't. you only can apply one time to one same job

How to receive the CV?


After you have posted the jobs,you will receive the resume from the job seeker by email if somebody apply it,then please login the website to read it and invite the talent if you think he is good.Our system will send you notice automatically to your inbox by email when the job seeker apply for the jobs of yours.

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